Last update : 29-01-2020
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1. I’m the owner of the following sites: (shoplifting devices shop) (main site)

(only the main ones are shown)
2. There are dozens of videos concerning our product and its testing that demonstrates its application in real conditions with real equipment: (main channel)
Russian Youtube Channel, check plz
3. There is a considerable merchandise inventory. Please pay your attention that 90% of all the pictures of devices were taken at different time.

You can look through the pictures on websites and social networks to make a better understanding:
4. There are no negative reviews in Internet about me with real proofs, screenshots of sending money and not receiving goods. Nothing. Each review is not fake, writing fake-self-reviews is not for me.
5. I’ve appeared in the market of devices since the beginning of shoplifting movement in Russia, i.e. from 2010 (6-7 years)
During this time, anti-theft companies demolished:
3 promoted YouTube channels
3 Websites ( + + due to a courtorder.
Dozens of accounts in various social networks were also blocked.

I was forced to abandon the use of brands in the names and description of goods, but gradually I have such opportunities again and I’ve found ways to protect myself.

6. I’m the administrator of the world’s largest shoplifting community “СПNЗДNЛИ”: (The previous community, which lasted for 4 years, had 120 thousand subscribers, and now blocked due to a court order. The new public was opened a few months ago)

I’m also the organizer and sponsor of a large-scale shoplifting competition concerning the Mall COP trolling:

Watch the video “Mall COP trolling” on our entertainment channel.
7. I’m the owner of the thematic entertainment Youtube channel:
8. The following technologies were created by me:
1) 2010* the assembly of a detacher №1 on clamp in 2010;
2) 2013* bypass of Sensormatic anti-jammer systems;
3) 2013* bypass of RF + MG systems by an optimal radio-fabric;
4) 2014* detacher №2 for NeoTag 16000Gs
5) 2015* the detacher that hacks the most powerful detachers(DuralTags) that has no analogues except the factory ones.
6) 2015* started its own production of unique detachers which are sold only to official partners(DLS FORTKNOX detacherPATACO Si2 and etc…)
7) 2016* invention of a unique detacher for Concept Agon Tag
8) 2017* invention non-metall BoosterBag. Check Black Fabric 2017
9) 2018* The development of a new jamming technology that is capable of defeating the AM Crosspoint system, previously it was the only stably not suppressed AM system.
10) 2018* development of the best jammer for RF type systems(Checkpoint,Nedap,Gateway) has been completed.

… This is not the entire list, this list will continue to grow and the projects of new developments will not be abandoned.
9. Since we are in Vologda, we had to look for the possibility of the direct goods transfer to Moscow and St. Petersburg. It means that in addition to the basic stock, we also have the extra stock in other cities.
10. We 6 people in Vologda are always in direct contact of any method (Skype, phone). You’re welcomed in Vologda.
11. There is a big amount of old reviews, additional information concerning our activities that is suggested to be studied:
12. Despite the fraudsters that admit only one way of payment, often the most anonymous like QIWI, we support all types of payment:
Webmoney, Sberbank, Tinkoff, QIWI, MoneyGram, Unistream, WesternUnion. We prepare the possibility of obtaining Bitcoin.

(PayPal actively refuses to cooperate with me as they act through the laws of the US. Due to US’s laws, the existence of some of my goods violates the laws of the United States. Need to understand a few times we lost money in this system, we do not want to risk it again.)
13. There are a lot of more nuances, but if you are not lazy and poked in all the links and studied all the information… I think that all the other words are unnecessary.
But if doubts still remain, it means that you’ve decided to ignore and didn’t open any site. And it means that we are not «scammers» and it’s unnecessary for you.


Shipping, Delivery. Worldwide

    Russian airpost

        Not less: 15$, 15 euro

        Europe: 10-20 days

        American: 15-20 days


        Not less: 50$, 45 euro

        Europe: 6-10 days

        American: 7-12 days