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Why did I send you this link?
– in the hope that you are an adequate person.
– hoping that you understand that selling unusual devices via the Internet is not easy.
– show you that I know perfectly well how best it is for you to make a deal.
– answer one page at once for all questions.

Why read it completely?
– the most important thing is: saving your and my time by reducing the dialogue to a minimum.
– here are collected almost all the questions “how to buy goods” which I really ask very often.
– I spent a huge amount of time to make this information really useful for you.
– I guarantee that this will speed up our interaction!

~~~!!!thank you so much!!!~~~

Shipping and receiving goods abroad Russian Federation:

I have been shipping parcels to many countries all over the world for years. So we developed a list of rules, based on our experience.

1. If we ship a magnetiс detacher we make the parcel big and put the magnetic detacher deep inside the parcel to prevent magnetic sticking. By doing this we keep the delivery service’s employees calm. We pack every parcel this way, no exceptions. – magnetic detachers are declared as a common magnet. It is not prohibited to deliver the magnets overseas. Special detachers(hooks, pataco, Agon) are declared as a key. Special fabric is always declared as common fabric.

2. Jammers and other electronic devices are declared in many ways. It depends on kind of housing of device.

3. All the parcels are declared as a gift. There is a special line for this in customs declaration. We save you from justification of price to customs by declaring parcel as a gift. Sometimes customs officers wish to clarify the price of goods and we solve this problem.

4. Every customs of any country is different in the way of treating international mail. Germany is the most difficult counrty in customs clearance process. It is not about looking for illegal things. They are very pedantic(papers in good order mean very much for them). The situation may differ in different regions of Germany.

Above mentioned problems are only problems we may experience.

P.S. In any special circumstances contact us, we will help you.

~~~~~ Payment ~~~~~

After years of working I had chosen the simplest and safest way to receive money. It is prepayment.

If you are concerned that my offer is a scam, please explore with great attention all my sites, YouTube channels and other information about me. After that you loose your doubts and will be able to interact with me in nice way.


The best payment system for every country:

Europe: RIA, unistream

USA: RIA, unistream

Ukraine, Belorus, CIS:, unistream,


It’s easy to use these systems:

1. Open a website of payment system you chose.

2. Go to section “Find location”.

3. Enter your address(usually it is enough to enter only your town if you chose the country correctly).

4. Find the nearest service point.

5. Go there and follow instruction:

You can find the nearest service point on the website.

If your bank does not work with, you may use any other system: RIA, Unistream, MoneyGram, WesternUnion.

For Europe it’s better to pay via unistream or RIA. You may easily find addresses of points of service on the website of system.

Data for money transfer:



(Check your documents again before the payment. Bank’s employees often confuse the letters, it’s easier to check the data twice on the scene than to go to the bank again later).

After payment provide me this data: Number of transaction and payment operator The exact sum and currency of transaction Place where from payment was made and name, surname and patronymic. Also you can provide payment document. I need your address to mail the parcel:



Postal code:

Street, numbers of house and apartment:



№ Mobile Phone:

~~~~~ Payment ~~~~~


Why we chose this way of paying  &  How to order.

– Why we can’t use PayPal for receiving money?

1. The rules of marketplaces that use paypal prohibit the sale of an instrument to cause damage.

2. The rules of this system imply the transfer of money only for personal purposes, not in commercial interests.

3. It is impossible to get a business account in this system, since according to the moderators of this system, I am selling a criminal tool.

4. All available personal data had been used for registering PayPal accounts. Now we have no trustworthy people whose personal data we can use for PayPal. All these data is linked now with our goods and activity.

5. PayPal is American company and our activity and goods violate the USA laws so we can’t use PayPal to receive money for our goods. Some of accounts had been blocked by tricky clients which wished to get their money back. Some of accounts had been blocked for receiving money from enormous amount of people. Some of my accounts has been blocked for connection with my main website(the contact e-mail equaled e-mail login of PayPal account).

6. Complaints was made actively by anti-theft companies after I posted PayPal’s logo on my website. I explain every time that I live in Russia and PayPal is truly American company. There is an economic war between Russia and the rest of the world. It’s very difficult to sell overseas from Russia especially regarding the specificity of goods. The most of commercial and payment systems aren’t willing to cooperate with Russian vendors.

– Why can’t we accept payment to a bank account?

– I am not a resident of the European economic zone, I do not have an account in European or English banks where you could easily send money.

– Sending money to the Russian bank through swift is a long and expensive procedure, we tried to do it several times.

– It’s impossible to mail our goods from our country abroad via “cash on delivery”. There are few reasons:

There is no courier company that offer this service for delivery from country of one trade bloc to country of another trade bloc. For example it’s impossible to mail anything from Russia to European Union via “cash on delivery”.

Different currencies also add a problem. Delivery is a prolonged process during which currency exchange rate may change.

We can’t specify price in currency of YOUR country mailing from OUR country. If we specify price in our currency it will be changed due to exchange rate volatility by the time of delivery.

There is no way to send parcel via “cash on delivery”.

Please don’t try to discuss this question. Use your brain and make your own conclusions.

– Why is it impossible to sell our goods on such marketplaces as Amazon and Ebay where there is buyer’s protection?

Some of our goods violate USA laws by existing itself. When we publish our lot for sell, it get blocked and deleted. And even if we made a deal, client can easily make a complaint, using another account, and get our account blocked for sell of illegal devices. As a result client obtains the goods and gets money back. We lose goods and money and get our account blocked.

We experienced this case before. We understand that there are a lot of tricky people among our clients. We don’t risk our time, money and goods trying to sell on these markets anymore.

Antitheft companies constantly sue me for violating copyright because I use their logos, brands etc.

Law firms maintaining these lawsuits actively countercheck our presence on these marketplaces.

The main problem is absence of rivals. It is very easy to track me down hence I’m the only vendor of such unique devices. And when I show some activity it is very noticeable, and again:


It makes no sense to create clandestine accounts in hopes that it will complicate tracing my activity.


Believe me, I have a lot of businesses, orders, plans, actual work and I really have no time to hide from anti-theft companies. I must develop the technologies, not to hide in darkness from my enemies. Please consider my circumstances and explore guarantee-page very attentively.

– Why transfer to plastic card is impossible?

Our countries are in different trade blocs. Payment systems don’t allow money transfers from one trade bloc to another one.

Such payments are hard to trace. It is the question of state’s safety. If I contest this situation, I get punished by permanent checks, penalties and official investigations of my activity.

~~~~~ Payment ~~~~~

UPDATE 07/07/2018

– Why can’t we accept payments by Moneygram and WesternUnion payment systems?

these systems have limited the possibility of receiving money transfers to certain people due to several reasons:

Our turnout exceeds the limits of receiving money from abroad. At the beginning of my active work I did not have a team, there were no people who really supported my actions and there was absolutely no one to ask for help in the distribution of receiving money transfers. At the time when my data was blocked, I persuaded my best friend to help me in receiving money from other countries. A year later 2 employees appeared in the team and 2 years later they were also blocked. After that, we asked our good friends to help us, and after a short period of time they were also blocked. At this moment, I don’t have more good friends who could be trusted in receiving money, because it is a question of responsibility and honesty, and nowadays it’s really difficult to trust even little sums of money to non-familiar people.

Two of my people were blocked in the system due to the psychopathic and paranoid customers who did not wait for my response and called the support system complaining of fraud. After that the data was blocked, marked “fraud”, and no further actions and negotiations with the system staff did not help to restore the service. We tried to ask questions, tried to send them letters, but nothing has led to the slightest change in the situation. Another reason for blocking data is that the system concerns the transfer of money as relatives’ assistance, and when the system determines that the recipients of money live in different countries, it puts the situation in a dubious position, because it’s impossible for one person to have hundreds of relatives in completely different parts of the world. And my clients do live all over the world. Therefore, in a few years 7 people from my team and some of my relatives were blocked. It was supposed to happen and finally in happened in June 2018.

What should we do next?
– Everything is OK, don’t panic!!! I am sincerely surprised by human laziness and the desire to go by the easiest way, as well as the blind belief that the most popular systems are the only convenient method. No, it is not. There are a lot of other money transfer systems, which are not less convenient, which are cheaper, which are much more loyal to people and have never blocked our data.

I have a question for you!!! Why don’t you want to raise your body from the sofa and to send money in another way. Why can’t you use another website, not the one that takes you several times more money for the same service… I have passed all the trials and know how to do it better. Stop resisting my knowledge and we will be able to cooperate quietly and reliably for many years.

Thank you all for understanding. This is a difficult moment for me, but we will cope with this little obstacle!

~~~~~ Payment ~~~~~


Regarding all the reasons mentioned above I chose the only reliable way to receive money from clients abroad.

Due to all these factors, over the years, the only reliable way to receive money from clients from outside our country has been chosen.
This method has one single drawback, you need to tear yourself from a sitting position and go somewhere using your legs, oh, how terrible it is in the modern world of electronic wallets and payment systems !!!

But you have to understand, you are not a buyer of soft, cozy slippers, only because of this reason we have to complicate the process of receiving money.

There are several financial organizations in the world that, using the banking system, without opening a bank account, transfer money from one ordinary person to another to an ordinary person, in the legal sense “transferring money from one individual to another individual without opening a bank account”.
The transfer of money from you is carried out by accepting cash at one of the service points, and the issuance to the recipient in my country is made only at a banking organization, at the bank’s office where the bank managers sit and when my passport and money transfer information is found, find this transfer in a special program and make out the receipt of money, then at the box office of the bank, they give me cash.
I do not receive money on a card, I do not receive money on a bank account, this is impossible, all money transfers I receive only in cash.

– What do you have to do eventually as a client?

1. decide on the choice of product on my website.
2. agree with me the cost of the products, the method and cost of delivery of goods to you, agree on the final cost.
3. agree on the money transfer system you will use.
4. carefully study all the information you received from me.
5. find the money transfer system service point nearest to you on this organization’s website (enter the city name and street name in the search field).
6. go there personally and make a money transfer according to the data received from me.
(If you don’t use email I send you photographs of money transfer documents, made by other clients. It will help you to fill the payment document correctly. Be attentive during the process of payment.)
7. be careful in the process of making a money transfer.
8. tell me all the information required to receive money.
9. Tell me all the information to send the parcel.

I don’t use website for collecting orders. Website is used only for first contact with a client.

All the orders are processed manually by me:

I communicate with you, settle all the order details, send you all the necessary information. You read this instruction very attentively, and if something is still unclear for you, you should just read it again.


Believe me, this text has been written to clarify questions that was aroused during my seven-year experience of overseas selling.

This text covers all the questions regarding buying my goods.

– Why text and explanation are so big?

Because I try to present information as clearly as possible to my clients, among which there are teens and elderly people both.

I’m dedicated to work qualitatively and worthy.


My reputation means everything for me.